Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday...

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You already know by heart all the usual sayings ' make hay while the sun shines', ' don't put off til tomorrow what you can do today', ' you may today but time will not'... get the point? I am sure you do. I guess sometimes one just needs a reminder that there may not always be a 'tomorrow' or 'a later' for getting things done, hence my post today. So confesses the self professed procrastinator.

Truth be told I had a trigger. Just got an e-mail today about the death of someone that I had worked with on a workshop just last month. We had gotten to know each other via e-mails as a run up to the event, and had spent a very long evening together at the airport waiting for Immigration to give him clearance for a visa on arrival in the midst of the Obama-mania period. A very clam, centered person, in between the workshop happenings he shared with us his experiences in different African countries as it related to the education sector, as well as his immediate plans to take up a position as head of a faculty at a University in Oslo on his return. Dynamic. Bright. Alive.

As is usual, when these things are closer home, one empathizes with the family and friends - if you don't happen to fall into either category - and also almost selfishly reflects on one's own mortality. Have been putting off so many little things lately, blogging included, because there were a million and one other things - or so it seemed. I could always do it tomorrow.

So today, I decided to do lots of the little things that I had been putting off for another time:
  • Called my Mom just to say I love you, and not to bother her about the usual logistics of what I need her to do for me back home;
  • Arranged to have dinner with a friend today whom I haven't seen in a long time just catch up on what's happening, not because I have to but because I genuinely want to and have just been putting it off;
  • Made - and confirmed!- bookings for Lou Moon Lodge for a long weekend with my daughter; have been planning to do this ever since we moved to Ghana, and three years later now I am about to send her back home to finish school and suddenly realized that we have precious few weekends left in which we can do this!
  • Wrote a post today on my blog.
Not my whole list of course, but yes, won't wait for Friday. After all I am not Robinson Crusoe, am I?


posekyere said...

For goodness sake, Denise, try to update your blog regularly. Geez!
Some of us are reading, if you care to know! Hehehehe.
Sorry for the loss of the workshop acquaintance. So sad.
BTW, am I right in thinking that you are in serious pensive mode like someone decidibg on taking a decision of great importance.
It is a hunch.
Let me know @ posechere @ gmail dot com and I will tell you something!

Denise said...

Slap on this blogger's hand well deserved Posekyere. Will send an e-mail.