Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Of annual rituals and midlife crisis...

The worst thing about a mid life crisis ?
You are only half way through all the shit that life's gonna throw at you!

So the big day approaches, and for the first time with trepidation it seems. I have always been relaxed about my birthday and actually loved the thought of getting older and wiser. This year, truth be told, I am more preoccupied with the older and have totally forgotten about the wiser part of things!

Of course everyone tells me that life begins at this age - but alas, alas that is only said by those who are a half a decade or more older than I am, never anyone younger. I wonder why.

Got me thinking about what mid-life crisis are usually associated with women - are they in fact different from those we have been socialized into believing that are normally experienced by men?

Wikipedia highlights some interesting characteristics: search of an undefined dream or goal, a deep sense of remorse for goals not accomplished, desire to achieve a feeling of youthfulness, need to spend more time alone or with certain peers. The reality however is that I do have all those feelings from time to time, and no, not triggered by the panic of getting older. How then is this different this time around?

That aside, I could use the excuse of such a crisis to do a couple of things I have at sometime or the other 'flirted' with doing:
  • Become a cougar - forget the old phrase of 'robbing the cradle' , the new sign of youth these days is having some one younger on your arm; can already imagine in my minds eye how scandalized the Ghanaian public would be - but that's the nice things about getting older, you don't give a damn!
  • Take up a new sport - forget tennis, golf and all the other ' accepted' sports for this age bracket - will go explore something like rollerblading or skateboarding (there is a nice Fan Ice ramp in the Trade Fair!); granted the bones won't heal like they used to, but yes, will get one helluva workout anyway;
  • Go to India in the quest of spiritual fulfillment : could find by self by losing myself amidst ashrams and yogis.
  • Take a stance on not declaring my real age : after all, I could object to my personal classification on any form by refusing to state my gender or race - why not for age? at least it would avoid me ticking the box below what I now am entitled to tick - at least for the next 9 days!
Or on the other hand I could simply just relax, do all the things I like to do anyway: look at eye candy of all ages, exercise when I feel like and panic when my dress size goes up again, go do yoga at the YMCA and tick the damn box, after all I am fabulous at any age!


Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Yes, you are fabulous! Thanks for a good post examining a horrid topic (getting older) from a fun angle (what can I get away with?). I just have one q: Where is the birthday party taking place?

posekyere said...

Ain't you being so helplessly lovely and fabulously cool today!
The last paragraph, I sense, is the obvious choice.
You deserve the very best life can offer. So enjoy yourself and indulge on your day, my dear.
Wishing you tonnes of happiness.
Bless you, Ohemaa!!

Nynke Kruiderink said...

I can only agree with the two previous posts, and your own closing statement, yes you are fabulous Denise!!!
But this age confrontational post is ringing a bell with me. Working at the University now for 5 months, all these young people around me... he-double-sticks, one of my teacher assistants is 19!!
But that aside, I wish I could party with you on your birthday!!! Or any day for that matter...

Denise said...

Hi Kajsa - celebrated the first half at Lou Moon Lodge. What a fab place! Will do a post on that. Will send by sms the details of the second half, supposed to be a surprise but yes, you know in Ghana nothing is a surprise!

Denise said...

Hey Posekyere - will be sure to enjoy and indulge, ad in the process blog about it too. Well, some details, not all details :-)

Denise said...

Hey Nynke - been a long time, and good to see you here. 19 seems a couple of decades ago - practically, emotionally and realistically! How about a compromise and we have a virtual party? could work could' it?