Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Je suis au Sénégal !

Was so proud of myself for posting all week last week. Had made a promise to myself that I would develop a rhythm - even if it was few lines a day to keep the guilt at bay - was something I had actually stuck to. It felt good, simply because it was a resolution I had kept. No fan fare. No stated promises at the start of the week - I normally do as a way of fooling myself that if I put it in the public domain that yes, it shall be done, and all that.

Anyway, here I am mid week and yet not a single post. Granted I have good reason - am in Senegal to attend a conference. In between flights at un-godly hours of the early morn ( we arrived in Senegal at 3:00 a.m!), sorting out internet access, sorting out language issues - hmm, have forgotten everything learnt at Alliance Francias in my last two attempts! - and also seeing another side of West Africa just haven't had time to post. Don't have a lot of time but still trying to adjust to the Francophone feel. Hoping to have time to go take in the sights and sounds in between the conference as there are a couple of Francophone singers that I really do like.

For now though have settled for just drinking a cold ' biere la gazelle' - off to prepare for my presentation tomorrow! Cest la vie!

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posekyere said...

So how is Senegal in comparison with Ghana.
Enjoy the warm of Dakar.