Friday, May 22, 2009

New business idea?

I had lost count at 50, or was it 60?
The canopy, chair, table, and catering side of things seemed already well cornered for the funeral crowd, but what about hand sanitizer?
Embossed with a picture of the deceased of course!
After all, people do the same with handkerchiefs and bottled water.
Recount - I must have shaken 70 hands at the very least!

Funeral customs in Ashanti (I am not sure of elsewhere) demands that you greet the family formally. We started from one end of the 'square' and shook the family's hands, then moved around the rest of the 'sides' shaking hands with other well wishers who attended the funeral. Luckily, we only had to shake the hands of those seated in the front rows, nodding politely to the rest. Interesting isn't it what a hand shake conveys?
From the wimpy to the strong, to the wet to the dry.
I tried hard not to think about where these hands may be coming from - noses, elsewhere?
My imagination - as is usual - runs wild.
Seated on the opposite side of the square facing the family were other chiefs who were denoted in rank by the size of their umbrellas, the largest belonging to the son of the former Asantehene. To shake his hand, and the Chief's beside him we also had to take off our shoes. Fortunately, I wore my first pair of ademas (hope I spelt that right) to complement the black lace dress I wore - also my first lace kaftan!


posekyere said...

There you go, a sustainable business is born.
For a start you might need to provide it for free.
My imagination is also running wild. Denise in black lace dress + lace kaftan! Decent. Tell the folks in Jamaica to come see the life!

Maya said...

Brilliant Denise!

I hardly want to touch my outside door after getting back from a funeral, this would be the perfect funeral souvenir. And what a personal touch with the dead person's face up front, lol!

Denise said...

Hey Posekyere ( would you believe I still look to spell your name!) - even I was impressed. Have long had the belief that lace was for the back or arm chairs and pouffy pillows. Now I am a convert.
Take your point about providing the hand sanitizer for free - only initially of course!

Denise said...

Hey Maya! Nice to see you here. Needless to say you are sorely missed. Still looking out for the occasional baby blog.
Hmm, I think you are the kind of person that really don't keep funeral souvenirs - hand sanitizers included!

posekyere said...

Let me encourage you to use my familial name( my folks use it at home): Naasei.
I think that is simpler. No?

Denise said...

Hmmm, Naasei. Yes, definitely better Posekyere :-) Have a good week.