Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Of rhymes and weather ....

Been a long time, and no have not been sakawed though it does feel a bit like that. There just seems so much to do - major decisions about work and life compete with the everyday grind that one must go through.

Was half listening to CNN while doing e-mails this morning when I heard about the rains that are supposed to hit Jamaica later today. It reminded me of a ditty that we used to recite when we were children, and that was supposed to tell the cycle of the hurricane season:

June too soon
July stand by
August we must
September remember
October all over

Of course with global warming this has also been screwed up! The hurricane season has seemingly been prolonged, with hurricanes making their presence felt in September and October.

I still remember clearly hurricane Gilbert and the havoc that caused! Roofs flying - including one half of our house - physically holding open the windows so the wind would blow through and not lift the other half of the roof, moving everything from the 'wet' to the 'dry' side and getting ready to go downstairs should the worse happen. However was was most startling was the eye of the storm - a total flip to the chaos and commotion that was happening moments before. An eerie, serene calm in which you couldn't hear a thing, no animals, no birds. Only people rummaging through what was left of their belongings and gearing up for the inevitable second half of the storm.

Ghana is lucky like that I guess - no hurricanes, no earthquakes (yes, did experience one of that in Jamaica too), no major natural disasters - I stand to be corrected. Hoping that the hurricane season will be a peaceful one this year.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Harrowing and warm recollection at the same time. Hope the hurricane season is peaceful too. FYI Ghana has 2 (I think) earthquake faults, and we have had 1 earthquake in recent memory. In the 1930s, I think. (Sounds like I'm laying claim to natural disaster, but I just like that we do not forget and get complacent).

Denise said...

Hi Nana Yaw, I actually didn't know about the earth quake faults. Good thing they are not active. We do tend to get complacent about these things don't we?

posekyere said...

Hi Denise, major decisions about work and life around June is perfectly normal to me.
I pray that Jamaica will be alright and that the decisions you arrive at finally will bring lots of joy and contentment.
Bless you!!!

Denise said...

Hi Posekyere, true you did mention also facing some issues in a post late last month. Hope yours will work out for the best too. Any updates on your vision? We are waiting!

posekyere said...

Yes. The vision.
As soon as there is a manifestation,I will blog about it.