Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A post for my lunch date...

So yes, this is a special post for the person I went to lunch with today – note well, special post, not to be confused with special person. I know how conceited you can be! The last thing you said to me before dropping me back to office was that I 'should go blog about this', so yes, have taken your advice. See I do listen to you - sometimes. Hope you are happy.

Of course lots more to blog about than lunch, but will refrain from doing so now. Anyway rest assured that I invited you to lunch simply because I wanted to, and not because I find you irresistibly sexy - a little, but not irresistibly so - was good to see you today and just felt like asking you out for lunch, no strings attached. You are still invited to come by me for lasagna – the best in Accra, yours and On-the-Run included!

P.S. Can hear you laughing as you read this, so yes would serve you well to remember I have a black belt. Then again you know only too well, don’t you?

P.P.S. For everyone else who didn't go to lunch with me today, have been behind in my posts and promise to update my blog this weekend!

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