Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dry land Tourist

According to the online Rasta/Patois dictionary, a dry land tourist is someone who has never been off the island, but still acts like a tourist, While I don't think I fit into the Jamaican definition, made me recall my own 'dry land tourist' adventures, in the sense that I always want to know where I live better - be that Jamaica, Ghana or anywhere in between. And if that includes visiting the traditional and not so traditional touristy spots, then why not.

Just got a copy of this picture from a friend of mine (played around in Picasa to get the sepia version). As we often times did on the weekends or during holidays, we would simply pack-and-go. Usually with some destination in mind, but yes, primarily for the journey.

On this trip we had gone to Wli Falls , and were sitting starting up at the million and one bats that lived right beside the falls. You could hear their chattering above the sounds of the falls and we were wondering 'why there' as opposed to somewhere else.

Didn't make it to the higher falls, but were content to sit, swim and chill and enjoy another part of Ghana that was not Accra. It's nice to be a 'dry land tourist'.
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posekyere said...

Good one, Denise.
Have never been to wli falls before.
Would love to go on an adventure like that in Ghana one day.
Bless you.

Edward: said...

I have been to Wli falls a couple of times. The last time I was there it was mainly to get some fylla for my new Ghana website. I will encourage people like posekere who have never been there to pay a visit to the place. You will not regret it.

Denise said...

Hi Posekyre, methinks you are long over due for a Ghana visit. When will you be gracing us with your presence?

Denise said...

Hi Edward, thanks for popping by. Since then I have encouraged several colleagues - including Ghanaians - to go. Its well worth the trip I think.