Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"In his own country, crime nearly ceases when he runs"

Been watching the usual media after shocks on Usain with some amusement, but by far the funniest thing I have seen is the quotation used for the title to my post today. Saw this in an article written by Tim Layden in an article entitled Bolt Strikes Twice ( follow hyperlink for full story). It made me remember an interview I had around the time of the Beijing Olympics as well, where the interviewer, in all seriousness said, ' I guess you can't call Jamaica a developing country as you have Usain Bolt'. Hmm, go figure.

Anyway, its nice to see a fellow country man grace the cover of Sports Illustrated - while I certainly don't buy this magazine every month I will do my level best to get a copy.
Also saw the cartoon below, but must confess that I objected to how the the cartoonist drew Usain - reminded me too much of 'black face' type comedies where the typical appearance was thick lips and big noses.

Was also interesting to see 'the world's greatest' website up for sale on e-bay, for a 'sprintly' sum of USD 100, 958! Again go figure. As to be expected there are no bids.

While there is much adulation and adoration, there also is quite a bit of skepticism and references to athletes like Marion Jones and their own rise and fall from 'glory'. Won't join the naysayers though - still proud a ' di likkle country bway, him a do wi proud!'

  • Bob Martin, SI (creative commons licenses)
  • Zapire


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Welcome back with your totally readable posts, Denise.

Denise said...

And thank you for your totally supportive comments, Nana Yaw