Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Great Passport Chase...

Didn't really log in to write a post as I am still suffering from the after effects of a long week and a night flight on which I could barely sleep. I am back in my second favorite city - Nairobi. This is only after what could be best described as a frustrating run around to get back my passport after an all time 3 months just to have my work and residence permits renewed. It was an exercise in patience to say the least!

First it seems as if it could not be found.


Then the person on whose desk it was at that point in the process was ill and so no one could access it until s/he was back.


And then the clincher - on Friday morning (and yes I was supposed to fly on Friday evening) when I was assured it would finally be ready, there was no one in the office to give it to me as everyone had gone for a funeral.

Comment censored.

I kid you not. At that point I had to have a good laugh. It was either that or loose my cool which would not have gone well under the circumstances. I guess that it what is called just-in-time service. That being said, everyone was as usual explaining patiently that I just had to be patient. All's well that ends well I guess.

Nairobi is warmer than it was when I was last here, but certainly cooler than Ghana. The change in temperature is a welcome change. As usual there is a vibe to this city that I miss when I am in Accra, and which even the new movie theater at the mall doesn't bring. Don't get me wrong I do like Accra - my third favorite city - but sometimes I need an edge that just isn't there. This time around will be spending most of the time in Mt Kenya - haven't been there before and a curious to what it will be like. Granted, most of the time will be taken up with the workshop, the main reason for being there in the first place. But yes, will make some time to see what there is to see.

Think its about time for me to go counter the effects of the week, the flight and the great passport chase with a couple cold bottles of Tusker (in lieu of Club). Will post some real posts during the week - time allowing.

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Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Good luck, and have fun, in Kenya, Denise.

Glad the passport thing ended well! ;-)