Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project Mis-Management...

I really do try to avoid posting about work in this space - it wasn't created with that in mind, and I do like to keep things separate. However today I had to make an exception - just out of sheer frustration! Reason being - I got another non-project!

I am so tired of coming across projects that are not in fact projects! Yet another two crossed my desk this week, ready to be signed off on. There was a contract alright, but you guessed it : no project document, no involvement of the stakeholders that these projects were supposed to address, no thought about sustainability - neither in the long term or short term. I could go on of course but yes, am sure you already figured it out - in other words no project!

Was doing a bit of googling to find some materials and articles about failure of ICT projects that I could share with the persons I work with as a way of underscoring what needs to be done - came across this great site that will perhaps help me address the issue more graphically.

It gives you a template - complete with graphics and the option to change the captions - to show what 'your' take on project management is. Decided to make mine on the
mis rather than the management part! Was fun to do - but yes, also makes one think - I hope!

Click here for the on-line copy of my own 'abridged' version.
Click here to create and save your own version.

A bit more home work, attention to details and most of all making sure that what one wants to implement is indeed addressing a real problem would help to get the discussions going in the right direction - wouldn't it? Before any contracts are signed! Am planning to use this as a practical exercise at my next internal training workshop - will be enlightening to see the different takes am sure.

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