Monday, August 25, 2008

The Effects of Lightning

So the Jamaican papers are full of headlines starting with, ending with or containing Bolt. Lightning is usually added somewhere in all of this. Songs have been written, dances have been created (yes, we do have a way of creating new dances in Jamaica when the need arises), babies have been named, roads have been repaired and all the rest.

The overseas papers, not to be left out, have also cornered their fair market share with everything ranging from grudging respect, to scathing disregard - for his alleged lack of manners - to allegations of drugs, and everything else in between! It's been interesting to read. Have been torn between laughing, to getting outright upset.

The two face approach of the Western media never fails to amaze me. Little had been said in previous Olympics about the other sprint athletes - noticeably from the US - who would carry on with the most antics with no comment.I am not sure how many of you have read the article by Scoop Jackson, entitled 'The beautiful arrogance of Usain Bolt'. Wondered what he would have written if Usain had been American?

I don't think Jamaicans patriotism abounds more than any other nation, however will admit that perhaps we are the most dramatic when it comes to showing that and showing how we feel. Drama is a part of who we are 'from wi eye dey a wi knee' (i.e. from we are children). The 'antics' the Usain has showed both before and after his runs are common place in Jamaica. It's a part of the culture and the 'show-offness' that we have. We have never had to apologize for it before and I can't understand why we should start now.

So what if he didn't shake hands at the end of the race as one IOC member commented? If you had just broken a World and an Olympic Record at 22 - an hour or two before your birthday to boot - would you stop to shake hands and say ' jolly good show' to your fellow sprinters? I think not!

Cut the guy some slack and give him due credit. It was hard earned.


Sijui said...

First, absolutely brilliant performance by the Jamaican track team. This Olympics was theirs and deservedly so!!!!

Next, agree with you is a question of sour grapes!

Denise said...

Hi Sijui, long time no see! Hope you are good.
Have been thinking back on all the antics put on by the US athletes in the past from the lip licking war ups of Maurice Green (shudder) to the body building moves that the US relay team had walked around the track doing when they won (in the last games if I am not mistaken) - shirts removed. Hmmm, a deafening silence then.