Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dirty, Flirty, Thirty-Something

As the title suggests my birthday had rolled around :-) Ok, must confess, am not quite dirty and flirty but was most definitely thirty-something!
Celebrated by the beach for the weekend. Had everything a girl of my age could want:
- a weekend sleep over with friends (and some acquaintances) on a really beautiful property a bit outside of Accra in a village called Langama ( a bit beyond Kokrobite)
- a large bonfire on the beach
- plenty of music and liquor
- plenty of food ( we grilled everything you could think of)
- a huge, delicious three layer chocolate cake - with ice cream of course!
- good balance of presents and presence
- a full body massage with the sounds of the ocean and the children boogie-boarding in the background smothered with the smells of aromatic oils
- fabulous and crazy friends
plus a few other things I will choose not to mention.

... did miss my Jamaican and Dutch 'crew', but figured out that they must have been receiving all the vibes everyone was sending.

Thought it apt that the name of the property was 'Sankofa'.

Sankofa is one of the Adinkra symbols which literally translated means ' return and get it' and it's the symbol of the importance of learning from the past.

That is pretty much how I feel about my birthdays these days - I try not to dwell on the fact that I am getting older (though I am sure the pre-mid-life crisis will manifest soon enough), but rather on the fact that there are so many experiences that I have to be thankful about and how that has shaped and is shaping my future.
After all, I am a 'phenomenal woman' (follow the link):D
Will provide a link to some pictures later!

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