Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sex in the City

So last week Ghana had to import emergency supplies of condoms. Seems as if the demand was so high that there was a shortfall, and so some three million condoms had to be sourced. Hmmm, wondering if the demand in condoms has a direct correlation with the lack of electricity. Possible and probable uh?

On a serious note though, it was also good to read that the rate of infection in Ghana was comparatively low - especially when compared to Southern African countries. There is still a lot of debate here about abstinence, and whether or not by promoting the use of condoms promotes or condones loose sexual behaviour. I remember attending a workshop in Zambia last year (or was it the year before?). During the ice-breaker session, persons were to introduce themselves and say something a bit personal. Most Zambians mentioned having extended families, mostly made up by AIDs orphans - sometimes not even their own relatives, but just adopting and taking care of children who were in need. I remember too that it got to a point where the effects were being felt on the projects we had there, as sometimes people would just get ill and not return to work. There is lots of debate and facts and figures about the effect of AIDs on the productive sectors of countries, what happens because that generation of workers is just not there anymore?
In 2005 alone Zambia lost one third (1/3) of its teachers to the disease! Can you imagine? Serious food for thought if one isn't serious yet. Made me think a lot about life and just the choices that one makes or in some cases forced to make.

Was reading however that the rush for condoms is not all it appears – especially when it comes to female condoms. One news report mentioned that there is a growing trend in using the female condoms as fashion accessories! It seems that some persons actually use the plastic rings on the tips as bracelets, while some seamstresses are also using the rings for designs in dresses they make for customers!

Admittedly funny, but at the same time sad. One report mentioned that some women were afraid to use the female condoms - it didn't say why they were but perhaps it comes back to providing more sex education in schools and elsewhere? Had to share my favourite billboard done by DfID and others - think it speaks for itself. Look at the figures closely! May give you some ideas!

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I love this billboard. Madlon