Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Signs of the times

One of the funniest things to do in Ghana is read the sign boards. Most are guaranteed to make you laugh. It’s interesting to see how religiously oriented most are, even if at first glance the actual service or product being advertised has nothing to do with saving your soul! I have promised myself to start taking my camera with me every where I go so I can capture some of these. The sign makers themselves seemed to have passed through an entirely different educational system as often times the spellings are as funny as the wording or pictures themselves, but that’s for another post.
Was on my way to Cape Coast and saw this sign and had to stop and take a picture. I think it speaks for itself! On getting back to Accra I asked a couple of my co-workers if they knew about this church and they did! Apparently it is a local franchise, especially popular with young people and does have lots of signing, dancing and drumming hence the ‘disco’ reference. I guess that is where the Bible phrase ‘make a joyful noise onto the Lord’ comes into actuality.
Am writing one on funerals and coffins (aka funeral rites). Forget about your traditional coffin, tastefully and discretely decorated. Think instead of being buried in a Nokia phone, or a Mercedes Benz, a fish or better still a Red Stripe beer of Guinness bottle. And yes, of course I have the pictures to prove it!

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saskia said...

and where is this juicy piece on Being Buried in Beer Bottles? :)
can't wait to read...