Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Final wrap-ups

I simply can't believe that it has been so long! Though if the whirlwind of the past couple of months is anything to go by and the glaring date of the last post it most definitely is! It has been five years since living in Ghana, and for the most part of that I have used this blog to chronicle some - not all! - of the experiences since being here. In August I will start another new phase and so I think its only right that I bring this blog to a close properly, after all I will no longer be a 'Jamaican girl living in Ghana' as my intro states.

It still feels a bit unreal but the boxes and general mayhem in my house and head say otherwise. Will use the next couple of posts to reflect on the things I have grown to love about Ghana and Ghanaians and what I will miss most.

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