Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A question of faith...

I am beginning to think that the world loves a good tragedy. We look on with the right amount of angst etched into our faces, while secretly thanking which ever Being we believe in that it wasn't us. We wonder selfishly what would we have done, how would we have coped, if we had been in that situation. The thought actually struck me as I was watching yet another CNN perspective on the Haitian earthquake. In one shot there seemed to be more reporters, aid workers and UN personnel than there were actual victims! Hype and politics aside however, there is something comforting about the fact that we still seek to be our brothers' keeper, regardless of skin color, religion, or any of the usual differences. The outpouring of help and compassion does restore one's faith in humanity.

Speaking about faith, I was struck by the undercurrent of this in many discussions around the earthquake. In one BBC radio show I heard, many members of the audience questioned if God existed. After all, if He did, then how could He have allowed this tragedy to happen? Interestingly it was the Haitians in the audience that re-affirmed and professed their faith despite the disaster, and despite knowing the fate of their loved ones.

Does faith rise or lessen in proportion to adversity? Does faith rise or lesson in proportion economic well being? As I am writing this, I am trying to remember who it was observed that it always seems as if its the poorest of the poor that have their faith tested to the limit. I am actually not sure if it is always the poorest of the poor - we are all tested I guess, some in more harrowing ways than others. The only thing I can say to those persons that have been directly affected by this is simply, to keep the faith:
  • keep the faith in humanity and people;
  • keep the faith that all will be well - eventually;
  • keep the faith that some day, some how you will be past this point and you will in time deal with the emotional and physical pain that now seem so overwhelming;
  • keep the faith in that Being that you believe in.


posekyere said...

Many of us do not give a hoot about God until there is a disaster. Then we expect him to rise up and serve us willy nilly.
Ther is evil in this world but God is not the author of that.

posekyere said...
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