Monday, October 05, 2009

Why God is a Woman : Part I

It seems ever since the seminar on women and ICTs my 'world' has been bombarded with issues surrounding women - sexuality, femininity, power, motherhood. Funnily enough, these issues had always been there but re-examining them from another perspective has been enlightening on a most personal level. It also made me appreciate how my own Mother had raised me, and how much as parents we have to instill in our children - be they male or female.

Perhaps this was all leading up to me reconnecting with an old friend, Nana, who can best be described as a jack of all trades and a master of many. He shared with me last Friday an article he wrote entitled ' Why God is a Woman'. A strange assertion one may argue if you have been steeped in the traditional view of religion such as I have been, even stranger if you know Nana, who from all indications is a typical man. Anyway, will 'feature' this for the next couple of days, sharing his opinions with you.

I met Nana about three years ago - my first Trade Fair in Ghana and there I was looking for everything but nothing in particular. He was at one of the stalls selling natural oils and soaps and as one dreadlocks to another we hit it off instantly. He had a charisma about him that was hard to resist, and the more we spoke the more I was able to appreciate - though not necessarily agree - with his points of view. However, I liked the fact that he looked at life differently and wanted to make something out of his. Over the years we have kept a loose friendship - intensifying at times, a bit more laid back at others - but always keeping in touch and exchanging views on life and 'livity' according to the happenings of the day.

I won't use this blog to argue or defend my own beliefs on the subject. This is Nana's perception - open to both your interpretation and mine. His perception of course is not a new one and a quick check on Google will link you to several theories on the topic. I will however focus on presenting Nana's version and why this Ghanaian man choose to see God as a woman. Curious to know what others will also think.

Note :
Nana is an avid writer and I have also encouraged him to start blogging
and will actually be setting this up for him later today. Will of course post the link

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