Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sugar mommy if you please....part 2

Peer pressure - thanks to Posekyere and Kasja - but primarily curiosity got the better of me and yes, I replied to my sugar mommy sms this morning. After all, it would be sure to give a laugh or two, plus provide some interesting (hopefully!) updates for my blog.

Kept my reply rather tame I think :
Hi Peter. Was surprised by yr sms. Hmm, what do you expect fr a sugar mommy?

Lo and behold 5 mins later came the prompt reply:
Hi, i expect love and care, n support. wat r u offering n by the way I don knw ua name wuld u mind letting me know. can u b a lover 2 smone younger than u? call me. gday.

At least he was quite straight forward - though I am still trying to figure if the emphasis was on the love, the care or the support. I guess it must be the support as he keeps flashing!

Still trying to come to terms with the idea of being any one's sugar mommy. I am not opposed to - and have dated - younger men before but yes, I do have limits - and no, no one is supposed to ask what they are! Younger men also seem to be on the lookout for older women! At my last visit to one of my favorite 'watering holes' here in Accra the bartender came over to me with a drink from a guy sitting at another table. He looked at if he should be making a move on my daughter - seemed closer in age to her than he was to me! For the record I declined. This earned me a most expressive raise of a lone eyebrow and a shrug of the shoulders that clearly indicated that this was my loss!

This whole discussion has also served to remind me of a discussion I had with a Jamaican friend who has an 18 year old son. Apparently the trend - or so his friends informed her - was to be with older women who they saw as more stable than females their age. Some of the benefits included:
financial perks: older women were also more financially liquid and so the occasional perks were a part of the package - clothes, shopping trips and the like included. Older women were also less demanding of their time and wanted only the occasional company and eye candy. Whereas younger women wanted them around all the while, older women tended to just want them to be around occasionally. Hmm, they seem to have it all worked out don't they? Note to self: need to speak to a sugar mommy and see what she gets in return.

Anyway, this is the third flash since I started this post, and a new sms awaits...


posekyere said...

OMIGOSH! I see a capitalist bent on making a quick buck by the mere fact that he is loaded with pulsating testosterone.
The excitement is coming thick and fast. The bait is swallowed.What next?
By the way have you decided how you are going back off the deal before you reach a point of no return with this sakawa dude. Hehehe!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

This is getting more interesting. I hope the story remains post-worthy for a couple more weeks or more :)