Sunday, April 05, 2009

Let the countdown begin!

5 days...
Have been holding myself back from starting this counting down even when there were 60 days left for the event but as the time approaches, can hardly wait. Have been singing the Pointer Sisters song '
I'm so excited' in my head all day since waking up this morning!


posekyere said...

5 days to ....?
Denise that is Easter Friday!
Singing in your head since waking up in the morning? Easter Friday, I doubt, will induce that reaction in you. So what could it be? Gee what could that be? Let me see, eeeehhh, visiting Jamaica!
Whatever it is enjoy!

Denise said...

Maybe its my stint in Catholic school that has induced this Easter craze Posekyere. You will just have to follow me on my count down to see if you guess was right!

Melville Mcintosh said...

OK IF YOU COMMIN ROUN ERE MEK SURE WI LINK SEEN! AN CARRY WAAN STONE/BUSH/SUMPTIN NATURAL FROM THE MOTHALAN FI WI ........(translation of this dialect can be had from "how to speak Jamaican" available online at

Denise said...

Why you guys must just hit the nail on the head at one go - of course I am going home. As fi stone, bush or sumptin natural Melville wi see wha mi caaa do. Likkle more.