Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's the journey...

Driving down the motorway during the week, I found myself listening to yet another newscast about horrific accidents. The burnt out shells of vehicles lining the sides of the road seem a fitting backdrop for the announcements.



Fateful intersections
Between life and death.

As is usual (or so it seems) conspiracy theories abound - from curses of fetish priests to retributions for political choices gone awry. For me though, the root causes seem more much fundamental - a lack of responsible behavior by drivers, and a lack of basic safety in terms of maintenance - both of roads and of vehicles.

There is an impromptu school trip today to Kakum and Elimina, and my daughter wanted to go. I thought back to all that happened this week, including that Winneba stretch that they would have to use. I mumbled something about her not needing to go as we had visited both those places several times before. Quick to quip my daughter said' Oh Mom, its the journey not the destination'. Sadly, but truthfully I said ' Sweetheart, that is precisely what I am afraid of. The journey'.

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