Thursday, February 26, 2009

The weather is demanding...

In all my time in Ghana I had never heard the term until today. Was on y way to work and listening to my usual morning programme when one of the announcers made the comment that ' ah, the weather is demanding oh'. At first I was at a loss as to what this could be, until slowly-slowly the issue came to light. Basically what she was saying was that the rainy weather 'demanded' that people be a bit more amorous (than usual?). Had a good laugh of course.

The upside is that the weather did demand me to write! Despite the lack of sun, I find the cloudiness and the drizzle a refreshing change from the hot, humid weather we have been having lately. Though I am not sure if it's the start of the rainy season it will be good to see the place being green again. There are a couple of plants in my yard that I hope it will not be too late to rescue. Will see.

I must of course apologize - yet again - for my silence. Who ever said silence was golden was obviously not a blogger. Have been overwhelmed by work - after effects of a new Minister and a new government - and just have not had the time to link the daily grind with my blog, though heaven's knows there has been enough material that could keep me going for decades! Though I have worked primarily in the public sector for most of my working life, it's been my first experience at this level of management and going through this transitional period. Interesting. Have also been spending a bit more time visiting schools as we are undertaking a baseline survey as the use of information and communication technology (ICT) at second cycle institutions. Sobering to say the least. Though I must also add that there were some pockets of innovation and excellence that were worth noting. Perhaps more on that later - though truth be told I like to keep my work life off line and not in my blog.

Well there, not a long post - or a particularly inspirational one at that - but yes, it did feel good. Here is to more demanding weather - yes, all definitions and connotations accepted.


posekyere said...

Intersting expression.
Seeing you are hobnobbing with the new political elites in town, how do you rate the ones you have met?

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

do you remember our discussion about taking blogging to secondary schools? is that at all possible after having gone round to see their ICT resources?

I dont think you should keep your work totally off the blog, your experiences of it can be very interesting. Also gmt need to be way more transparent in Ghana.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Came here to say something about taking our blogging experience to the secondary schools, but I see Kajsa's asked you already.

I like short pieces, so I liked it that this was short...ish

Denise said...

Hi Posekyere - hmm, hobnobbing is really not the word I would use. Our new Minister made a cursory pass through the day after he had been appointed, but I won't attempt ratings on the basis of a one min introduction. Still waiting to see how things will go. Operative word is waiting. :-)

Denise said...

Hi Kajsa, if we start with our idea in the schools chances are we would primarily be working with the few well resources schools, once again leaving the majority 'neglected' simply because they don't have the ICT resources available.

Most schools are a long way from being ready. There are just so many practical issues to address. For example there was one school that I visited that the nearest internet cafe was 25 km away! But then again no commercial ISP was interested in working in that remote part of the country.

Anyway, take your point, will do a piece on what I observed in the schools - may help to put some crucial issues out for people to better understand.

Denise said...

... and yes Nana Yaw, it will be short :-)

Good point though - I myself tend to just quickly scan through other bloggers posts when they are too long. Hmm, case of blogger heed thyself! Bad joke. Promise I will be short-ish.