Monday, February 09, 2009

Beaches and Birthdays...

Like my fellow blogger Kasja, I spent the day on Saturday in Krokobite - lyming with my daughter and her teenage friends for her beach birthday party. Was interesting just to see how confident and self assured they were at this age and stage. Also realized with startling clarity that even though this was 'my baby', for all intents and purposes I was dealing with a young adult and not a child any more.

My Mother used to say "
they pull on your apron strings when they are small, and pull on your heart strings when they are older", true I guess as I found myself getting sentimental just watching them, and her in particular. Am really proud that she is my daughter, and prouder still of the person she is.

Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Ok, ok, did tell them to pose as if they were Ghana's Next Top Model!

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