Thursday, December 11, 2008

Suspense is worse than disappointment II

It is the second time I am using this title for a post - hence to the II - but never has it been truer than for this election period! The run-up and subsequent run-off had all the elements of a block-buster movie - minus the popcorn - and no, you didn't have to go to the lone movie theater in Accra to see the drama:
  • the car chase scenes - yes, do remember meeting those party convoys on the way to work or on the way home!
  • the catchy one liners and the new dances that seemed to have infiltrated everything including sermons and churches
  • the sexual innuendos - surely you must have seen or read about what happened at Metro TV! Ah, the scandal!
  • the good, the bad, the ugly - no names will be mentioned here
  • the bill boards advertising everything from change to champions
  • and everything else thrown in between!
Feeling a bit like the proverbial fly on the wall, looking from the outside in. Some of my fellow Ghanaian bloggers have written and reflected on the whole event, so for you politically minded people link to their blogs (see links on right side of my page). It will be an interesting Christmas period am sure, with the run offs now set for the 28th of December.

Hmm, both parties have been loudly silent on what next, but yes, I guess it's early days and in between the merry making for Christmas I am sure there will be new posters, new promises all in time for the New Year.

P.S. as usual I am impressed with the street sellers who seem to know how to 'work' the demand based on topical issues. There seemed to have been a slow down in the sales of the usual political paraphernalia in the aftermath of the election day, but yes, yesterday business was again booming for the flags, scarves and all the rest. A second wind I guess.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Dear Denise,

In your special style, you describe Round 1 of Election 08 like a Cloak-and-Dagger Thriller. Fun to read.

Maya said...

Hadn't even thought of the street sellers! Noticed there was nothing to buy on Sunday and Monday morning, but while Christmas has been stolen from the rest of us to them this must be like Christmas come early, another 18 days of sales!

Denise said...

It was a cloak and dagger thriller from all accounts Nana Yaw - the headlines in the dailies still attest to that fact. Seriously though I don't have the energy or the history to dissect what is happening. Will leave that to those of you who know so much more!

Denise said...

Hi Maya, seems as if the bill board companies have also picked up sales - noticed a new wave of billboards - albeit smaller from the opposition that seemed to have sprung up over the weekend. As for me, am enjoying the sale on petrol :-)