Monday, November 17, 2008

Musings from the weekend...

Collective blogging and football fever... I can't believe that I missed the post from Ghana view on football that the bloggers did this Saturday. Granted, I don't know the first thing about football and I am only a seasonal fan but it would have been good to have been a part of the creative effort. I only just realized how big a fan club Ghana's Black Stars has when a friend of mine who is a radio editor from Jamaica called a couple of weeks ago asking if it were possible to interview someone on the team and the quest for 2012. It seems that the Stars are popular in Jamaica. I guess if we are not rooting for the Reggae Boyz then why not Black Stars as a likely candidate? Not sure what the next collective blogging exercise will be on, but yes, will try and be a part of it.

Movies, movies, movies ... I can't believe that the movie theatre in the mall has finally opened! This is one for the record books. Though I haven't been yet - am waiting for the euphoria to wear off - its actually cool to know that we finally have options of watching movies that are not running for the several hundredth time on DSTV, or bought( with fingers crossed) somewhere in the city and hoping when you get home it will actually work. Tickets seem a bit on the expensive side though going for GH 10 - with none of the usual accompaniments of popcorn, sodas, hot dogs, or what ever else you fancy.

... so I started a new sport this weekend. Tennis! My daughter has been insisting that we do a sport together. After months of excusing and delaying we finally settled on tennis. Went for our first lesson at the un-holy hour of 5:30 a.m.! On a Sunday morning at that. Was actually fun though, and while none of us will be a Venus or Serena, it was cool to be doing something together.

Technology and salvation
...The highlight of my weekend was going to church - and no, no one had died, no one was getting married, or christened, or any of the usual things that would provide an inexcusable reason for going. While I won't write too much about the church and what I observed generally (that was not the reason for going), what struck me was the impact of technology even in this sphere. At one point the pastor asked that all persons should open their bibles to a particular book and chapter. On both sides of me, persons were busy scrolling through their mobile phones! Looking around I also saw several other persons doing the same. Apparently, it was now vogue to have the bible on your mobile phone! Interesting isn't it? It does give new meaning to 'salvation at one's finger tips'. The announcements at the end of the service also emphasized how much the church was actually using newer technologies and not just mobiles. For example, persons were encouraged to sign up on line for participation in various events, there was a international conference being held in Lagos that would be accessed by webcast and shown at the church grounds. In hindsight I guess it's a bit silly to think that technology wouldn't impact here as well, but I just didn't realize or noticed until confronted with it. I guess I shouldn't have been though - after all much of the billboards and posters do have website and e-mail addresses for more contact and or information.

The Zain experience ... at this time I am so fed up with MTN I am willing to have any other experience! Argh! Dropped calls, charges for non-service and just generally bad service is getting to me at this point! Also wondering if I should go to the Zain concert. I love Wyclef and it would be cool to see him. Already it seems as if Eve isn't coming as the ads I heard on the radio yesterday didn't include her name anymore. Hmm, still a couple more days to decide.

Will do one of the follow up post this week about the Ghana-Jamaica link. Have done some work on the links through language. Interesting to say the least.


posekyere said...

Hi Denise,

Enchanting pieces beautifully stitched together!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

When you go silent on us like that, Denise, and you explode like in this post, we forget all the days we staked out and you did not post.