Monday, September 15, 2008

Subliminal messages?....

Ah, so what's in a sign? The obvious and not so obvious?

As promised, here is the pic I wanted to accompany my 'serious about sanitation' post.

Let's analyze and see:

- dumping: a slang used in some parts of the world for going to the bathroom, especially for a number 2;
- smoking : an activity enjoyed by some, especially after a good number 2;
- toiletting: an accepted Ghanaian term for the act of going to the bathroom - which includes both number 1s and number 2s.

Ok, so while I haven't seen people smoking, there has been sightings of 'family type' discussions, the holding of hands, so yes,
why not smoking. One can never tell and it really is better to be safe than sorry.

One wonders how effective the sign has been.

Been staying away from commenting on the Obama-mania and the general frenzy of what is called the US general elections, but yes, had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw this sign ( for story and pics see CFN; pic from CFN).

Freedom of speech or something else? Interesting that the guy that wrote it is a resident of Barefoot Bay.

Hmm, subliminal indeed.

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