Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Pleasures of Spintex Road

Strange title I know as one would never associate the words' pleasure' and 'Spintex' in the same line or sentence. Cussing about the traffic in Nairobi for the past three weeks seemed to have dulled my mind about our own traffic problems here in Accra. Driving home from my first day of work after my vacation reminded me in no uncertain terms that this in fact was just as bad. With a plan to head to the Accra Mall to do some shopping, I changed my mind at the last second and went onto the infamous 'Spintex' instead.

Traffic as usual was bumper to bumper but rather than be annoyed (as I usually am) decided to enjoy the ride for a change. After all this was a part of my re-soaking Accra into my bones. I did miss it!

I am always surprised by the buildings that seem to appear over night - or was it that I just didn't notice them before?. A million and one small shopping centres seemed to have sprung up in the month I have been out. All seemed to be offering varieties of the same items. All expect one that it. Tucked in a plaza that seemed to have no name, was a new boutique called 'Pleasures'. Had heard about it before, but hadn't seen it yet. Seemed that the Spintex had gotten it's first sex shop.

Was too lazy to pull off and get out of traffic and go see, but yes, am curious to see what is on offer. Am even more curious to know what Ghanaians think about this. Already has a long discussion in my office was a colleague who was always going to church on a Sunday, but would be the first to buy porn when the 'open source' movie sellers would come around. She would go to great lengths to assure me that this was educational material and the lessons and the story lines were always good. Hmmm. Educational - perhaps. Story line - debatable! Would be interesting too to talk to the owner, would love to know why that type of store in what I still consider a very conservative country.

Did see another billboard for a store in the same plaza called Tropical Cable - no wasn't a sex shop, but hmmm, what a promising name if there was ever one.


Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Denise! Welcome back...nice post. Honestly, u sure a sex shop?

Denise said...

Hi Emmanuel. From what I hear it does sell the usual things that a sex shop does. Tell you what, I promise I will go on the weekend and cross check for myself.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Please remember to take your second sight. I want to read all about it ;-)