Sunday, June 22, 2008

Post from Kigali II: Tipping Points

So I finally remembered what I was doing in May of 1994.

It clicked as the guide led us through the tour of the Kigali Memorial Centre. It clicked when I asked him how old he was at the time of the genocide and he replied that he was thirteen. I thought immediately of my daughter and just what at that age she would have done if placed in such a situation.

I am not sure if I am ready to blog on this yet - too many thoughts, reactions and questions. Still filtering.

I keep wondering - what was the tipping point in Rwanda? What is my tipping point? What is anyone's tipping point? Will something like this ever happen again? And while I hope not, I can't help but wonder.

Bought another book at the same time I bought Dallaier's - both are inextricably linked I think. It's written by Philip Zimbardo and it's called ' The Lucifer Effect'. It a nutshell its supposed to be about how 'good people turn evil'. It's been recommended by a co-worker of mine, with warnings of how heavy it is to read. Will see.

Wasn't able to finish the tour of the Centre - was just too much to take in, too much to try and understand. The book by Dallaier gives some fascinating insights into the interminglings of diplomacy, diplomatic relations, choices and the genocide. Hard to believe that even those that were in the know were so much in the dark. I wonder what they think now they look back at the choices they made.


Sijui said...

Hiya!!! Was introduced to your blog through another 'Mayas Earth' and enjoy reading your exploits tremendously :)

Akwaaba to Ghana even though from the look of things you are no longer a visitor but a bonafide resident of the City :)

Anyway it would be great to hear your thoughts on Rwanda :) The country has been getting excellent press recently even though there remain many cynical and unconvinced by Kagame's authoritarian and unorthodox strategies. I certainly remain an admirer of the man and his mission (warts et al) but its always great to hear objective, first hand accounts of what's happening on the ground.

Safe travels!

Denise said...

Hi Sijui,
thanks for dropping in and for the akwaaba as well.

The book I mentioned in the previous post does give somewhat of an insight into Kagame, his strategies and his mission(s) though of course that too is subjective.

Not sure if I am in a position to adequately address or reflect on what is happening on the ground but will certainly try over the next couple of days to give some insights - based on what I have seen.