Saturday, June 28, 2008

Glimpses of Kigali...

It's like playing football with yourself
and being happy that you scored a hundred goals!

Joseph, our Nairobi driver
on Mugabe's 'election' victory.

So am back in Nairobi, getting ready for what promises to be another intense week of work. Am being kept sane by the thought of my daughter joining me this weekend and that afterwards we should have some time to really explore Nairobi and beyond. Looking forward to the time off in more ways than one.

Physically have left Rwanda behind, but not mentally. It's been one of the few places that I have visited that has really invaded my sense of self and sense of being. Managed to squeeze in a bit of time
on Friday morning to drive around and see a bit of the city and the beautiful vistas of the mille collines - to my fellow blogger and inadvertent French teacher, these are just for you!

Forgot my camera (duh) so can't take credit for the pictures used here - thanks M
for allowing me copies of yours.

Will write more later - there is actually an interesting documentary on TV now that looks at the 'hemorrhaging' of Ghanaian health workers to developed countries like the UK - similar to what has and is happening in Jamaica and elsewhere.


posekyere said...

The comment by the Nairobi driver is aptly descriptive of the stinking foolhardiness of Mugabe.
His infantile pre-occupation with his own granduer is deeply sickening, repulsive and frankly an affront to the humanity of the new Africa we all aspire to.
The unprecedented violence, the ochestrated atrocities, the widespread dehumanizing of his own people calls into sharp focus the entrails of his own damaged soul and it is so sad.
It is my wish that the international court of justice will eventually lay hands on him.

Enjoy the wonderful adventure of East Africa.

Sijui said...

If you need suggestions on things to do, places to see and of course eat...just ask! :)

Denise said...

Hi Posekyere - totally understand your frustration and disgust. Did you happen to see Mugabe's outburst at the journalist this morning (CNN carried it. Feeling even more disappointed in the African 'leaders' who are remaining loudly silent.

Denise said...

Sijui, thanks for offering! Need some ideas as to what to do with a teenager as my daughter is here with me as well. We will have about two weeks to explore...

Sijui said...

well ask no more :) With a teenager, I suggest the following in this order:

1) Carnivore Restaurant/Simba Saloon-world famous as I'm sure you've heard......good eats for sure and fantastic ambiance. Simba Saloon is their disco, not that I am encouraging underage misbehavin' but legal age in Kenya is 18 and some of us were regulars at Carnivore from cough! cough! 15 but anyway, check out their roster of upcoming events that are teenage'll have a blast.

2) Newly renovated National Museum of Kenya. Interesting and they have a nice restaurant/bar called Wasanii that has wonderful poetry nights etc

3) Goethe Institute/Alliance Francaise......always have interesting events like plays, musical performances etc

this blog,
always has good posts on what's interesting to do over the weekends, especially at the venues I've cited above.

Sijui said...

for shopping and a night at the movies, and just to get a feel of Nairobi chic try The Junction Mall in Dagoretti or the Village Market (mall) in Gigiri......

Great restaurants:
1) Blancos-where Hurlingham-type Kenyan fusion
2) Habesha-Kilimani-Ethiopian
3) Cedars-Kilimani-Lebanese
4) Alan Bobbe's Bistro-Riverside-French
5) Medittereneo-Westlands-Italian
6) Anghiti-Muthaiga shopping Center-Indian
7) Java House-everywhere-excellent coffee and continental cuisine

Karibu :)

Denise said...

This is wicked! Thanks a million Sijui. We already found some of the places by sheer coincidence but now we can plan a bit better!
Look out for my posts on the sights and sounds of Nairobi.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Thanks for the lovely pix, Denise.And I hope you have a great holiday with your daughter. As for Rwanda, I haven't been there, but it will not be leaving my mind for a long time.