Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Street fashions

She wore a black fitted velvet dress, with sparkles around the neck and along the bodice. It was one of those ‘little black dresses’ that women were always advised to acquire – one that would be timeless in its style and chic in appearance.

It was however in stark contrast to the basin of ‘pure wata’ that she carried on her head and the inevitable ‘totoka’ slippers (i.e. rubber slippers) that most of them seem to wear. She was one of those street side sellers that ply their business along the major routes in Accra.

The street sellers by and large don’t seem to care much what is worn, just about what is being sold – and understandably so. However sometimes someone catches your eye. For example:

  • the elderly gentleman that stands by Dankwa Circle every morning selling bow ties. He himself has on a different colour bow-tie everyday. One wonders who buys these now seemingly outmoded fashion accessories. I stand to be corrected if they are still the rave
  • or the news paper man that sells at the entrance to the Motorway who dresses to the nines in his long-sleeved shirt complete with a tie. I pity him on the mornings when the sun beats down mercilessly
  • or the lady by ‘37’ that sells plantain chips and wears a clean apron everyday.

I do like the fact though that people approach what they do with a sense of professionalism and pride, even if it’s just selling on the street. After all, given different circumstances and a lack of opportunity it could just as easily have been me.


Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Hi Denise,
beautiful post in an interesting blog. Check out my blog if you like!

Denise said...

Thanks Kajsa, I will be sure to have a look at yours too.

Maya said...

Hi Denise,
I'm amazed at your observations, how did you notice the guy's bowties each day. Meanwhile, I can tell you that the newspaper seller at the motorway only started wearing shirts about three months ago. The first day I asked him whether he had an interview, he smiled and said no, after reading this my curiosity has woken again, will have to investigate further...
Feel free to visit my blog also, you've met me in real life, but I'll let you work it out ;)

Denise said...

Hi Maya, yes I do know you. We shared a Bob Marley karaoke moment in my car once didn't we - not bad for two girls and a guy who have no hopes for making a band!
Have been visiting your site via Antirhythm. Read your post on T., am still in disbelief myself.

Maya said...

I know, it's awful, somehow we take life for granted. I guess we can only make sure we make the most of it each day.

Look forward to the next Bob Marley car karaoke!