Monday, March 03, 2008

The posts I will never post

Over the past months – dare I say year – my blog has always been an avenue for venting. Emotions, feelings, thoughts. Though admittedly there are many things I don’t post about, I always I think have hinted at elements of truths and half truths as I experience them. Those who know me best will read between the lines. Those who know me least … well let them come to their own conclusions.

Been caught up in a maelstrom of emotions – both professional and personal – that seemed unparalleled to previous episodes. There were so many things I could have written about, wanted to write about but of course don’t have the courage to. Blogging has lately it seems been a release from those emotions, of putting them out of my head. Funny how much I can do this in this medium, yet I have never been able to keep a diary. Came to the conclusion that it must be the exhibitionist in me. The thrill of being read perhaps? I wonder.

Things have quieted down, resolved themselves - for the most part - and I am getting back to the normalcy of my routines. Will get back to blogging about life in Ghana, life in general sans a few episodes.

A P.S. for my beach partner. Thanks for listening, and most importantly thanks for being there and connecting. Next Sunday we jog!


saskia said...

Hey Dee,
Thought you might enjoy reading this blog and relating your own West African experiences..
love xs

Anonymous said...

translocation and racking open the fruit of yourself, both are very hard to trust together because who protects u, the spirit and soul and last the body.
We/ you have so much strength within you,
The mantle of winning though is the loss of fear. we will win. we will prosper. we do make the difference

Joitske Hulsebosch said...

He, Denise, it does resonate with me. Though I´ve been a fervent writer on paper too )keeping logs-journals) it would be hard for me to go from blogging to paper writing, it would be much more boring!