Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Learning to Fly

Having a job where you travel quite frequently, after a while I guess one doesn’t really think about flying anymore. It simply becomes a necessary evil. You tolerate the often times drab airplane food, you make yourself as comfortable as possible and you resist the urge to clap (yes, a confession) when the flight lands smoothly and you are grounded once again. But have you ever really thought about flying?

Been having more and more reason to think about flying these days, and no, am not talking about the aerodynamics or the science behind it. Rather I am referring to the feeling that it conjures, at least to me – the weightlessness, the space, the peace, the liberation from not being grounded.

It’s nice not to be grounded sometimes, to let your inhibitions go and not conform. A difficult balance I guess because everything around you in society urges one to conform, to do what is acceptable, and to do the right things. Lately, however have been wanting not to do the right things, but rather to do things right. I guess at a point that means not conforming, doesn’t it? Is that being selfish? I don’t know, it’s still an issue I grapple with.

Will actually go flying on Saturday – or at least that is the plan! Of course will not do it by myself, but will actually be with a trained instructor. Of course am having second thoughts every other second! Will I commit or won’t I? An interesting parallel to other parts of my life for sure.

Have adopted some rules for my new flight plan – and no, am not talking about Saturday’s appointment, but rather more generally:

1. Cross check, never assume

2. Never say never

3. Always be honest (even if it hurts)

4. Never run away

Will see how my flight goes.

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