Sunday, March 30, 2008


I still remember my first confession. Not being a Catholic, but going to a Catholic school, I thought the whole idea of going into this booth (what is it called?) and confessing would be the most wonderful thing ever. Instant salvation. When I finally drummed up enough courage to do so, I realized that I didn't have anything really to confess. I hurriedly mumbled some lies to make it seem as if I did, got my homework - 3 rosaries and 2 Holy Mary's - stumbled back out into the light and promptly forgot everything.

As I grew older, I realized that confessions were not about what you could tell a priest and get instant immunity for your soul. Instead, I have come to realize that confessions were about recognizing and being honest about those things that would make you feel absolutely vulnerable, but admitting them - whether to your self or others - would be the most fabulous feeling you ever had.

Have been doing some confessions lately. Its been good. Have gotten over the feeling of being vulnerable.


Nana Yaw A said...

If one of those things that make you feel vulnerable is GUILT, then, I understand you, Denise, because that is what any kind of confession I have ever made has been designed to sooth. What else might make you vulnerable? :) And is there any hidden reason why you chose 'Confessions' on Sunday?

Denise said...

Funny Nana Yaw, didn't even make the connection between Sundays and the the act of confessing. Truth be told, I feel guilty about not feeling guilty - at least on this particular issue. Hmmm, what makes me vulnerable? Could fill a couple of posts but I guess that would make me feel even more vulnerable wouldn't it?

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Didn't know how else to get in touch. I'm missing your posts, Denise :)