Thursday, February 14, 2008

Will you be my valentine? Then again...

So, today is Valentine's Day. All the ladies seem to be wearing red and white - some men too. Even the usual street side vendors decided to jazz up their attire with some red. Not me. Couldn't be bothered to tell the truth.

I am not sure what all the fuss about Valentine's Day is about. But then again I am perhaps not the best person to be a 'Miss Lovey Dovey'. Was just complaining to one of my girlfriend this weekend that I think I will take a serious hiatus from the world of dating. I think there is something in my personality that just seems to attract all the 'wrong ones'! The litany of mistakes could fill a book:

- there was one I met who after 24 hours told me he was in love and that I was his rib! Yes, the Adam and Eve, garden of Eden kind of rib. I kid you not!
- then there was the other who thought I was playing hard to get because I didn't 'consummate' our relationship on the very first night I met him.
- then there was the one who kept reminding me he is a Chief - of course I had to keep bending down to hear him because he was so short.
- then Mr. Married who thought it would be a nice thing to just keep me on the side, and then I could just keep quiet when his wife is around. As if!
- and not to be left out, my erstwhile suitor that plied me with gifts and then literally panicked because I asked 'so what is this all about'.

I am tiered of meeting guys who qualify as:
- hustlers
- pharmacists - not the legal kind if you get my drift!
- serial daters, even while married
- insecure
- so secure they are obnoxious bordering (and some times passing ) being dammed rude
- think that I am so desperate that I will fall for any line or anything.
- schizophrenic - yes, did meet one that was on medication for this! Long story, another post
- plain boring or just plain stupid
- confused and not sure if they are in or out
- think that I am waiting to be rescued
-think that I am about to rescue them

I will be the first to admit that yes, it does get lonely sometimes but would much prefer that than being stuck in a rut with a 'rutter'. Bad pun. Forgive me.

I am not in the habit of picking up paper, but yesterday saw a bit of paper on the ground beside me. Thinking it was something that fell out of my bag I picked it up. Believe it or not it was one of those Cosmo articles about sex and the single girl entitled ' I believe in decent single men'. Divine intervention or divine joke? Yes, I do think that God has a sense of humor, and no, I am not being blasphemous. It was written by a woman called Jennifer Cox (she wrote a book, Around the Word in 80 dates) who basically has resigned herself to being single until she just decided to do something about it. Wrote a profile of her 'dream guy', sent it to her friends and the rest it seems is history. Note to self - should read that book.

I like her profile of the DSM (decent single man) and maybe I should 'borrow' it:
I am 5ft 10in and want to meet a man tall enough to put my arm around his shoulders...who makes me laugh...tells me things I don't know...doesn't smoke but absolutely does drink...has books on his shelf (self help and sci-fi don't count' ... a waist bigger than my thighs...and is not a pothead or a poet.' Ok, ok, so I am 5' 9'' but the rest I can see holding true. For the record, I am not looking for Mr. Perfect. After all neither am I - not even on my best days ;-).

Anyway, will go and have dinner tonight - with my daughter. Won't wear red, but will have a great time nonetheless.


Joitske Hulsebosch said...

Hi Denise, how is life? I think you should go for the one with the rib :).
Greetings to Mary!!

Denise said...

Hi Joitske, good to see you. Have dismissed the rib :-) Will say hi to Mary. Hope you are cool.