Tuesday, January 01, 2008


So it's that time of year again.
Time to stay resolute.
Plan for all the things that you simply must do.
And then life intervenes.

Won't make the same mistakes I did all the previous years before and make a long list of resolutions that I will not keep.
Last year was an interesting year - perhaps not with all the results I wanted, but certainly with the experiences I needed. There was so much that I learned, especially about me, what I expect of and from myself, and also from others. Older and wiser? Perhaps not the latter - just learning to let go and learning to manage my expectations.

I got an e-mail from a friend today that wasn't full of the usual banal wishes like all the other messages you normally get from friends and even acquaintances - Quick aside: I got an sms from an acquittance actually wishing me a year of glut! Go figure.
I think however this is one that I would like to share with my friends:
May you find the health and energy to achieve your goals.

May you find happiness in the midst of life's challenges. And ....make some time to laugh:-)

I know this will be a year for changes. Will try to just relax and take things one issue at a time.

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