Friday, January 11, 2008


So here I am panicking! All the tickets for the first match between Ghana and Guinea have been sold out. This time it wasn't due to my usual procrastinations. Tickets only went on sale on Monday and everything seems to have been snapped up already. Argh. Am pulling all my strings, finding and pleading with all my contacts and just hoping that I will manage to get some eventually.

The momentum seems to be building slowly - but surely - in the run up to the games. There has been quite some criticism by the media that there should be more fan fare. To be honest I am not sure what else there is to do or what is being expected:

- the jingles are playing on the airwaves and people are aware
- football shirts are being sold everywhere; all the side walks in Osu have been taken over by flag-wielding-Ghana-memorabilia sellers.
- the usual road wares have been replaced by flags of every size imaginable, plus whistles, red, yellow and green wigs (curly Afros and Chinese bobs!), hat's, scarves and even ties!
The Ghana Aids Commission has even imported an extra 5 million condoms that will be handed out free of cost! Now that is preparedness! May be the
If nothing else it will be crazy during the Africa Cup of Nations. I can scarce imagine how we will accommodate an additional million people - that is what is expected. Should be fun though so traffic woes aside, I am looking forward to the vibe and excitement. And of course Ghana winning.
Off to buy my hat, wig, t-shirt and flag.

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