Friday, November 23, 2007


Am sure everyone has a secret - or two - that under no circumstances they would even think about sharing. Whether or not it's about 'sins' of commission, or omission for that matter, how you view yourself, your insecurities, and even your vanities. Just something that you would ever reveal to anyone, no matter how close they are.

Had the occasion to stop and think about my own secrets this week. Was having dinner with a friend and was asked if I had ever heard about the blog postsecret. Never had, and so took some time today to go have a look. Was surprised by what I saw. Was interesting to read the post cards and listen to the 'confessions'. Some were funny, some were sad, but most strangely most seem to have an element that I could identify with - similar situations? similar circumstances? similar thoughts? It's hard to explain.

I wondered too, even with this cloak anonymity does one still feel vulnerable? Some seem so 'heavy' I thought it must been a relief just to express it, Let it out. To exhale.

Will go back for sure - even if just to re-read my secret again.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I stumbled on your blog when I was googling the bats by the military hospital in Accra, and stayed to read some more! You're a great writer and this is a very interesting blog. Thanks for putting it out there!

Denise said...

Did this mainly to share my experinece with my family and friends but am of course chuffed that someone who is really anonymous likes it too.