Monday, October 29, 2007

Minding your 'r's and 'l's....

So ‘erections’ are coming next year. No, need to panic or report me to the censors. I am not about to write a pornographic piece, but would rather like to tell you about the confusing pronunciations of ‘r’ and ‘l’ that is common in a lot of West African tribes.

Here in Ghana, the resulting a comedy of errors is hard to ignore. My helper for example tells me ‘Good molling’ every morning which instantly brings a smile to my face - which of course I dare not explain. My daughter’s name seems to be a big challenge and the variations we have gotten are too numerous to mention. Imagine too the disk-jockeys who mention ‘ Malliah Callie’ (i.e. Mariah Carey). Enough said. Am now awaiting the comedy that is sure to hit the airwaves with the general elections that are to be held next year, or should I say ‘ genelar erections’. Hmmm, sounds like a medical condition , doesn't it?

Reminds me of a joke we use to say in Jamaica:

Student: Teacher ‘ Arry hit mi on mi ‘ead with a ‘eavy, ‘eavy ‘ammer’ ( for non-Jamaicans, all the 'h's have been 'eaten' as we would say)

Teacher: Hemphasise your heches you hignorant hass ( in this cases they have been emphasized).

Ah, the wonderful inter-weaving of language and culture.

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