Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No longer dam-ed

After watching the water levels in the dam decrease for more than a year, I am happy to report it has been inching slowly - but surely - upwards! Today it's actually past the minimum level. I am not sure if all six turbines are now fully functional but it sure is nice to see the figures on the increase. Seems as if we are no longer dam-ed at all. Pardon the pun if you will :D


annise said...

Den, reading just bring back the mona damn to mind but thank God we got some rain the other day so we dont have much water shortage now. Luv reading you blog it give me a sense of appreciation. Girl continue informing the crew (smile). Little bit zeen!

Denise said...

Hi Annise, nice to know you still visit. By the 'little rain' you mentioned I assume you meant Dean. Been seeing the pics - some parts got really badly hit. Glad to know you are cool.