Tuesday, September 04, 2007

No condition is....

I read somewhere once that tro-tros (aka minibuses/minivans) are as common on Ghanaian roads as potholes and I must say I can't disagree. To drive in Ghana you can't be susceptible to road rage. It just wouldn't make any sense. Venturing onto the road at any time of the day is sure to involve serious tactical driving as one swerves to avoid them, not knowing whether to scream obscenities in frustration - granted I would have to know them in the local language - or just shake you head and thank the stars for yet another lucky miss.
Confronting these vehicles on the road aside, it's actually quite amusing to read the
inscriptions splayed across the back windows. This makes for interesting reading, especially in bumper to bumper traffic as you fight your way to or from work. These messages can be inspiring, God-fearing, ridiculous, and even down right undecipherable!
An all time favorite seems to be ' no condition is permanent' - very apt if you consider all the things one can often times complain about. I saw this one recently that reminded me that not even the spelling is in fact permanent but rather 'perminent'! (see pic left).
Another that had me cracking up was ' detamination' which I hope was really 'determination'. I hope you can make it out from the picture (right) - apologies but this was taken in the night and so the night so the focus from my phone wasn't very clear.
Other common ones are:
- Not by force
- Observers are worried
- Many are called, but I am chosen
- Naked I came
- Chastity is a lifestyle
- No man no cry
- Blackman, Blacksense
- Fear Woman and Grow old
- Your wife is not your life partner
- Six Feet at Last
- No Big English
- Travel and See
- No Jesus. No Life. Know Jesus. Know Life
- God Dey
- People doesn't know, but who will tell them.

And the list could go on.
Humor aside, I guess in some ways it is pretty much a social commentary on daily life and 'livity'. Though some of the names do leave me wondering exactly what they are commenting on and why. Would be interesting to talk to some of these tro-tro owners/drivers and ask the rationale behind some of these things.


Anonymous said...

Great photos. I feel as though I am there. Great chatting with you today BTW. Madlon

Denise said...

Hi Madlon, was great talking to you too - of course you know there is an open invite to pop over and come visit! Nice that you browse from time to time. Denise