Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Driving and Gutters

Today my worse fears came through - I drove into a damn gutter!
So there I was heading to the gym after dropping Ashes at school. On reaching the main road, I had to go farther right than intended to avoid the cars turning left. Normally I am quite careful around gutters but this morning my mind was on a million and one things. I heard an awful noise and felt an even more awful shudder - my front right wheel had gone straight into the damn gutter. Argh!

I didn't panic, but calmly got out and surveyed the scene - hoping that some Good Samaritan would stop and help. Luckily, in Ghana that happens quite natutally and in no time, I was being assisted by the newspaper guy, the guy that sells flowers on the road side, a Dad going to drop his son at school, and a whole van load of police officers. With a bit of directing, heaving and pushing I was back on the road in no time - literally! Was good to know that chivarly isn't dead, though the police men did tell me I had to 'pour libation'! Was the first time I did so gladly!

Living in a city of four million people I guess one is bound to have bad traffic days. Have been meaning to do a post about this for sometime now, guess this is a good time to sum up them up:

1. Falling into the gutters - been there, done that can now strike that off the list I guess.
2. Tro-tro drivers (i.e. minibuses)
3. Taxi drivers
4. Broken down vehicles in the middle of the road without any signs, especially large trucks which will miraculously be broken down in the middle of a bend or blind corner
5. Meeting in an accident of any sort
6. Driving after dark outside of the city - primarily because of point 4
7. Did I mention tro-tro drivers already? Yes, I did but dislike them so much they need to be mentioned twice!
8. Non-function stoplights after dark, especially by the Airport junctions
9. The three hour traffic jams that occasionally happen on the Spintex and Beach Roads - or anywhere for that matter on a public holiday
10. The street hawkers selling anything from tummy trainers to toilet rolls to track shoes and toffees (and everything else in between!)

I guess all's well that ends well - there was no damage done, just to my ego. Could imagine all the smirks and comments about damn lady drivers!

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saskia said...


it just had to happen, didn't it?!

glad you came out unharmed, apart from the good ol' ego, but the fact that you blogged about it shows you are Master over your ego ;)

Drive carefully hon, and STAY CALM ;)
love, xs