Saturday, March 24, 2007


Have been having a trip down memory lane this week.

Got an invitation to join a yahoo group from a classmate of mine that I hadn't heard from in twenty years! Can you imagine? Am still struggling to come to terms with the number, figure and everything it 'says'. It remains however I write it - 20, twenty, 20 - still amounts to the same - two decades. Argh! Note to self, avoid using two decades, sounds even longer!

Immaculate Conception High School, ICHS. Won't resort to using the over used cliche especially made up just for times like this. i.e. it 'seems like yesterday', as of course everything says otherwise.

I remember with great clarity the day my Mother dropped me off at boarding school. All of 10 (going on 11) - proud to be so grown up as to be living away from home, secretly wanting to go back to everything that was familiar.

It's good to 'see' people you haven't heard from in a while. I hurriedly check my e-mails to see who else has been added, and what has been posted. With every new e- mail the memories come flooding back:

- getting tar on the pristine white skirts when one sat under the trees at lunch time; - 'freezing' at the first bell, and getting into line by the second;
- Sr. JV and the biology lab (guess those monkeys must be dead by now);
- dreaded Spanish classes that left me shaking from the fear of conjugation and fear of languages in general;
- jumping into my room mate's bed at boarding school to get chicken pox (oh yes I did get it!);
- being the house captain for Davidica (that was the fittest I have ever been in my life);
- Latin classes -yes, actually did do latin as a subject!
- the mad man aka 'Shaky Buddy' by the Constant Spring Golf Course Fence
- boarding school with mid-night revels, white lacy mantillas, mass every Sunday morning plus special mass on Saint Days... and of course Sister Emmanuel, aka Emmy.

I read about the experiences and the accomplishments.
I look at pictures of the girls we were and the women we've become.
It feels good to reconnect.

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