Monday, March 26, 2007

Let there be light...or not!

So the inevitable has finally happened. This morning's newspapers confirmed my worst fears - there was a new load shedding plan out!

The new programme is the most drastic taken so far. Instead of having electricity for one 12 hour period every five days, we will now have TWO twelve hour periods every four days! Not to mention the million and one interim, unscheduled power cuts that seem to happen by chance everyday. Seems as if the levels in the damn dam are rapidly falling. Saturday's paper also mentioned the doom and gloom predicted by the Ghana Meteorological Agency of the upcoming rainy season - or rather that it just wasn't coming. Hmmm, if they are like the ones we have in Jamaica then maybe I shouldn't worry too much - after all its usually the opposite of what they predict that comes true.

On a serious note though, and apart from me squealing over my own personal comfort, there are many serious implications given the present combinations of conditions. Most of the agriculture here in Ghana is rain-fed; a drought will have a serious effect on the economy, especially on the hundreds of thousands of small farmers who already barley eek out a living. The effects on industry are already telling, and the immediate prospects for the economy are quite gloomy. Ofcourse the article mentions some solutions being presently pursued, am just tiered of hearing them and right now just want to see them started! It's hard to be patient. Noted that the editorial in the Graphic also mentions the 1983 drought and the harsh conditions that Ghanaians had to go through - hmmm, must find out more.

Have made up my mind, have called in the reinforcements, will get my self a generator! Truth be told, the though of shopping for that fills me with even more dread than the power cuts themselves! More about shopping in Ghana at another time.


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