Thursday, March 29, 2007

Football fortunes

So the Black Starts lost to Brazil.

As the match started at 6:30 p.m., people left the office earlier than usual. The flags that had decorated cars a few weeks before for the Ghana@50 celebrations came back out. Gripped in the excitement of football fever I too bought own my Ghana flag, prepared to root for the Black Stars. After all, a victory against Brazil was sure to turn Accra inside out and I couldn't be unprepared.

Alas, alas that was not to be. Was still a good game though and the score was still a respectable one. A 1-0 to Brazil was still good. Hmmm, did get reminded that Black Stars had beaten the Reggae Boys in friendly last year (4-1).

Local football was a bit more exciting it seems. Dubbed by one of the daily newspapers as 'Foot Ball Day of Shame' two local teams beat their rivals 31-0 and 29-0 respectively! One wonders what on earth the losing teams were doing on the field.

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