Thursday, April 06, 2006

My first...

OK, ok, so this is officially my first blog.
Granted I am hung over from Saskia's party last night, sleepy because it took me two hours to get into my house (long story) but I am here. Have always been curious about blogs but was just too lazy/nervous/busy to try. Nervous because it just seemed so public!
I was actually planning on starting one when Ashes and I make the "big move" to Ghana, however now Nynke is giving this workshop I really don't have any excuses to delay anymore.
Have decided to call it "Just Us" simply because I would like to keep this blog to share with family and friends our "adventures" in Ghana. I am sorry I didn't start one when I moved to Holland from Jamaica, but guess it's never too late.
Looking forward to posting more,

This is a picture from Ghana - can't ever picture carrying my dogs around like this :-)

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saskia said...

nice picture dee!